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We can setup and maintain business networks for optimized performance and security. Share files, work remotely and backup with confidence. 

OFFICE 365 &

As Microsoft Partners, we have all the necessary tools to help you deploy and maintain enterprise-level online solutions. 


Let us help you setup a beautiful, low-cost site to attract business to your site. 

About Us

Creative Networks is a Niagara-based company, which provides comprehensive I.T. services to businesses throughout the region.


We've been working in this field for many years and have expertise in implementing many types of solutions.

We believe in a partnership approach, where understanding your business helps us to best serve you.


We can assist you in creating a sound and sustainable platform that will exceed your expectations.

Nick Vocal has been working in technology for 20 years and has has a very wide scope of skills including server management, business process and software. Nick has overseen dozens of I.T. projects in Southern Ontario, and as far afield as New York City and France.

Motivated and ready to undertake the next challenge, Nick will ensure we implement a great solution for you.

Eric Price has over 30 years experience in the IT industry. His tenacious methodology and can-do attitude help assure that each customer, along with their troubles, is handled in a timely manner with the utmost care and concern.

Besides being an accomplished musician, Eric is a featured writer and product reviewer with these nationally published magazines, Canadian Musician and Professional Sound.


Creative Networks can handle your firms I.T. needs with an extensive range of solutions.

Solutions as basic as replacing a mouse or installing a printer, to more demanding responsibilities such as server administration. Additional services include data back-up and file management, system security, e-mail administration, product licensing compliance, remote desktop and networking.

We’ll help you develop a maintenance strategy which best suits your needs. With the ability to work remotely, we ensure there is no disruption to your regular work day.

We work in with local contractors and have the right people for every job, making sure the project gets completed promptly and accurately.


We treat our clients like family. We are there when you need us and we won't nickle and dime you. We have a proven track record when it comes to solving the problems permanently.


We are conscious that your money is hard-earned and as-such, we do everything we can to ensure you get great value for every dollar you spend.


With a properly configured system, you are guaranteed to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Just one hour down can cost a business thousands! We work with you to ensure that your most valuable assets, your employees, can work speedily and without interruption.


We support a broad range of businesses. Our smallest client, has only 2 users and largest has over 50. Proper online tools have become an absolute necessity for all sized businesses to remain competitive. 


Implementing the right online software can lower the cost of running your business as well as increase revenue.


Many types of integration are now available for online tools, allowing companies to quickly roll them out to their entire company. We can help you configure and deploy your new solution quickly and efficiently. 


Software costs are very competitive, especially when you consider the benefit of increased productivity. Using cloud-based tools also offsets on-site costs such as storage, maintenance and backup.


Scalable online solutions can be difficult to select. We can help you pick a solution that will work long-term while being simple to operate. Selecting the wrong software can cause big problems for any business. 


Creative Networks can help you design and build a simple and effective web site at a reasonable cost. We work with online solutions providers which allow us to deliver quickly while you retain total ownership. As I.T. pros, we manage the technical work in the background to ensure proper registration and DNS configuration so you have no downtime and reliable service.


While your site undergoes it's remodel, we will also do a full site optimization for web search ranking. Being found on Google and other search engines ensures potential clients find you first.


Your new site can be up and running in under a week. 

The site we provide you is simple enough that you will be able to make changes to the content at will. As your business grows, it will be simple to adapt this important asset. 


Many companies offer web services but the monthly maintenance costs become outrageous over time. 

The site we develop for you will have no maintenance fees attached. This makes a site from Creative Networks more sustainable over time.


As part of your site redesign, we will take care of all the hard stuff. This includes DNS, SEO , registration and mobile optimization.

Having any of these setup incorrectly can have major implications for your business. Let Creative Networks do it right!

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